Bio Fuels

A Life Without Fuels

Can anyone imagine a life with out fuels? Primitive man has used his energy as resource to hunt, travel and cultivate now a days we are using fuels to do all these things. For a minute lets think that the fuels around us has depleted and we don’t have other alternative. What will happen? War for Fuel yeah exactly this is going to happen if we don’t pledge to protect the fuels, these are gods given gift for the survival of human beings, when any resource is exploited it’s gonna deplete and it’s a non renewable energy moreover when we extract resources from the earths core can it handle the weight above it when there is a disturbance in it’s core. We need to think all these things, as a person we need to protect the environment and turn towards bio fuels,  which are good for both environment and the earth. When these resources are over used the pollutants that are emitting in to the atmosphere aren’t recycling and circulating like a chain process, these pollutants are killing the environment. The layers around are protecting us from different kind of threats that are developing inside and outside our earths environment, lets fight for a cause, a sedentary life that is causing disturbance to nature and we are using resources here then we need to give something in return to our earth its not pollution, lets give the hope to future generations that they can walk on earth freely and touch the earth with out any fear.

Let them take the fresh air but not contain them with masks. If we grow trees and preserve the resources this can be contained, it’s our decision to let the earth live for some more years. Our earth is a home for our future generations. Let’s protect our home and keep it clean.